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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Come and Find Me 2016 * * 1/2 Stars

Director: Zack Whedon
Year: 2016
Rated R
Rating: * * 1/2 Stars
Cast: Aaron Paul, Annabelle Wallis, Garret Dillahunt

Come and Find Me is my latest review. At 112 minutes, it feels like part hard drama and part backtracking thriller.

The cast of "Find Me" is unknown with Aaron Paul being the only notable trouper. I remember seeing a trailer for Need for Speed and thinking that he was set for super stardom. Cut to three years later and Paul is still kind of flying under the radar. Sad to say, Come and Find Me is not the type of flick that will jump start his A-list status into second gear. He's the scruffy everyman, the actor who reacts. I can't put my finger on it but he's still a tad miscast.

Aaron's character here is Dave, a graphic designer. Dave gets put through the ringer trying to find his missing girlfriend (Claire played by Annabelle Wallis). Bruised, battered, and hit over the head, Paul's Dave goes treading where he's mostly not wanted. He rides subways, takes bus rides, plays detective, and is clearly in for the year-long jaunt.

The opening scene of "Find Me" feels like 2004's Crash. It's the music, the cinematography, and the conviction of all things Paul Haggis that gave it away. After that, Come and Find Me becomes its own movie despite having a Mr. & Mrs. Smith vibe (without the whole "mister" part of course).

Image result for come and find me movie scenesIn terms of direction, well rookie Zack Whedon is anxiously behind the camera. He infuses way too many flashbacks (bygone sequences between Claire and Dave) and gives "Find Me" the notion of being a little too stylish. His intentions are good but at times, the whole film has an amateur hour feel. Oh and did I mention Whedon wrote "Find Me's" screenplay as well? It's customary and doesn't supply the bite he possessed when he penned a couple of episodes via TVs Southland. As for his setting, well it starts off as seedy and dirtied up LA. The proceedings then move to lush and leafy Vancouver, British Columbia.

Overall, Come and Find Me is not based on a book, an article, or a miniseries. It's about a girl who's a photog and leads a double life. She also knows how to use a firearm and may work for the government and/or the mob (spoiler). With a small budget and an Internet release, "Find Me" gets a mixed 2 and a half star rating. It's violent and perturbed with scenes of mild torture, glassy interrogations, and bullet-laden shootouts. See it if you feel bored or have those winter movie blues.

Written by Jesse Burleson

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