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Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Airline Disaster 2010 * * * Stars


Check this: a guy who's a pilot leaves his family at home to fly an aircraft that gets hijacked by a bunch of Mohawk ruffians. Then some other bad dudes (and their bad chicks) kidnap said pilot's family as an insurance policy. Finally, madam President rolls in to save the day and she just happens to be said pilot's sister. Did you get all that? Good. Now go on YouTube and watch the outcome. Just don't watch on a flight from wherever to wherever.  

Anyway, the title of the film I'm about to review is run-of-the-mill and not worthy of what literally flies off the screen (pun intended). 2010's Airline Disaster, well it does involve an airline and yeah, there are a few disasters along the way. But hey, that's just the quick rundown. "Look closer" as Lester Burnham would say.

"Airline" is a skyjack flick, a hostage pic, and mostly all things Murdock ("climb baby, climb"). Starring Meredith Baxter, Scott Valentine, and former stuntman Geoff Meed, the vehicle also looks low budgeted and locale challenged, probably shot on sound stages as opposed to actual settings. Oh well. In truth, I actually enjoyed Arline Disaster. Why you ask? Because it has screw-loose zeal and tension that never seem to let up. "Seat backs and tray tables must be placed in their upright and locked positions." Veritably. 

Distributed by 101 Films and featuring plot over plot workings to make it look like Air Force One as a miniseries, Airline Disaster effectively inserts nasty villains, a lack of solace with its characters, lightning-quick editing, and enough action-packed leavings to power the sun. All of what's been just mentioned, well it distracts you from the fact that "Airline" is indeed a campy B-movie with special effects that are lifted straight from the Syfy channel. "Airline's" director (John Willis III), well he's the real hero here, the polisher of all things excreta. John knows where to put the camera, knows how to film bodies in motion, and does his darndest to make use of such a nil allotment. What's saddening is that this is the only movie he's ever helmed. "Disaster" artist. 

Written by Jesse Burleson

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