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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Triple Threat 2019 * * Stars

Triple ThreatDirector: Jesse V. Johnson
Year: 2019
Rated R
Rating: * * Stars
Cast: Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais, Scott Adkins

"Yeah I got eight guns pointed at me right now". Sure why not.

In hustle-bustle Thailand, a billionaire's daughter has a contract put on her by a group of trained assassins. It's up to a couple of down-and-out soldiers to help protect said daughter. That's the rub of Triple Threat, my latest review. In all honesty, I gawked at the energy and harsh gusto by which "Threat" displayed in its never-ending string of rabid action sequences. I mean yeah, I kind of admired it (not!).

Image result for triple threat 2019 movie scenesShot with actors you've never even heard of and helmed by the guy who made last year's Accident Man (a film I recommended), Triple Threat is so enamored in its martial artistry, hailed bullets, and corn syrupy gore that it forgets to be purposeful. This is Big Trouble in Little China without the heart. This is Crouching Tiger, Hidden "Bandwagon". This is a prosaic David Ayer picture on anabolic steroids (and without any snarky line readings).

With "Threat", director Jesse V. Johnson revels in slickness, fast cutting fistfights, remorselessness, and gunplay that is completely cardboard in nature. It's as if the ghosts of John J. Rambo, James Braddock, and John Matrix came in to do some serious dispatching. As for the pace of Triple Threat, well it's one-snidely storyboard-ed and relentless. Despite "Threat's" twisty plot coming in at fits and starts, every other frame has some character perishing via assembly line slaughter. Yup, "Threat's" kill count as drinking game will give you a blood alcohol level of .3 (ouch).

Image result for triple threat 2019 movie scenesAction junkies in the form of sheltered teenagers (like myself in the 80's), might find some video game excitement in Triple Threat's overly violent tone and copious, affray set pieces. Otherwise this is a very hollow viewing experience. Most martial arts flicks are more epic, less dated, more authentic, and more soulful than "Threat". Heck, you might as well see John Wick: Chapter dos instead. My rating: 2 stars.

Written by Jesse Burleson

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