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Friday, May 8, 2020

Deadly Mile High Club 2020 * * Stars

Deadly Mile High ClubDirector: Doug Campbell
Year: 2020
Rated NR
Rating: * * Stars
Cast: Allison McAtee, Marc Herrmann, Anna Marie Dobbins

"Nice and smooth, all the way to full power". Hubba hubba! That's airplane speak, mild flirtation, or I guess, maybe something else.

So yeah, in Deadly Mile High Club (my latest review), there's some vintage planes, some rudder, some do to death, and some actual "mile-high club" whoopee involved (on a wooden storage box no less). Hey, a movie's gotta "get its Cinemax on" and back up its better than normal, Lifetime Network title.

Is 'Deadly Mile High Club' Based On A True Story? It's A Common ...Anyway, "Mile High's" pitched story involves a kooky flight instructor who tries to seduce her young student along with wrecking his dull marriage. Sexily evil Allison McAtee plays flight instructor Tanya while wide-eyed Marc Herrmann plays aspiring flight learner Jake. In verity, "Mile High" is a Lifetime flick so their performances feel like parodies of A-list actors via some theatrical releases.

With a running time of eighty-eight minutes, aviation sequences where you can tell there's no actual flying involved, and production values that would make the late Tony Scott readily roll over in his grave, Deadly Mile High Club is overripe camp perpetrated on the highest level.

Two campy examples in "Mile High" are characters that are completely over the top and/or factitious. They are Margaret (Jake's mother-in-law) and Gonzo (a rival flight instructor to Tanya). Watching their rum antics, I felt like I was taking in a comedy and not a stifling, TV thriller (which "Mile High" claims to be).

Where Was Deadly Mile High Club Filmed? Lifetime Cast DetailsDeadly Mile High Club despite featuring some good-looking people and some sexy, absurdly innuendo, falls into so bad it's bad territory. Sans a small twist I didn't see coming, it's an uneven combo of abstaining drama, mad as a hatter terror fest, and unintentional satire. "Mile High" is like viewing Point Break if Point Break were an SNL skit. Alternate title: "Mistakes on a Plane". Rating: 2 stars.

Written by Jesse Burleson

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