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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Stripped: Los Angeles 2020 * * Stars


"I'm going to be a stripper". So says performer Della Dane with pet Chihuahua in tote via Stripped: Los Angeles. As proclaimed in Pretty Woman, "welcome to Hollywood, what's your dream?" 

Anyway, Stripped: Los Angeles is my latest write-up. It was released by way of Internet in the fall of 2020. Its director (Manhattan native Marc Ostrick) shoots the film in mostly slow-motion with a sort of enclosed framing. Despite numerous interviews with close-ups, it's almost like viewing a mature audiences TikTok video.

So OK, "Stripped" is somewhat explicit but not "off the chain" explicit. It's a documentary mind you and it's about the lives of five women who happen to be the top private dancers in LA. They're content, they make money, and you don't really here from anyone else in their existence except them. 

Stripped: Los Angeles uses title cards to give insight into other stuff these women do besides strip. A couple of them make porn on the side, one is into art, one of them looks into bodybuilding, another plays music in a band, most of them smoke the ganja, and almost all of them have a love for animals (cats and dogs). 

"Stripped" runs fleeting at 80 minutes as it becomes a mere snapshot instead of a full-length feature. It's well filmed from a technical aspect but almost yarn-free in its narrative aspirations. Besides the present day footage, there's no real beginning, middle, or end. 

These women have pasts (as we all do) and there's a level of sympathy for them that goes along with their networking success. Still, Stripped: Los Angeles "strips" them of making their plight into something much more farsighted. If you've seen the occasional nudity, the occasional drug use, loads of tats, and the occasional pole dancing, you ain't seen much. 

Written by Jesse Burleson


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