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Saturday, November 21, 2020

The Wrong Cheerleader Coach 2020 * 1/2 Stars


It isn't a "Wrong" Lifetime movie unless you've got mainstays Corin Nemec and Vivica A. Fox. It isn't a "Wrong" Lifetime movie unless there's the same overhead shots featuring good old Southern California. It isn't a "Wrong" Lifetime movie unless people get murdered like forgotten cardboard cutouts. Finally, it isn't a "Wrong" Lifetime movie unless the antagonist gets away with multiple kills, has a snippy temper, and snaps like a twig. 

Anyway, 2020's The Wrong Cheerleader Coach is you guessed it, another "Wrong" Lifetime endeavor. It's about a single father and his daughter being terrorized by an assistant cheerleader instructor who's bent on getting with said father. The kooky coach like other kooks in the "Wrong" Lifetime canon, likes to spy on her victims wearing sweats and a dark hoodie. She also has a knack for evading the po-po and going on to find another family to cause some shenanigans. 

The Wrong Cheerleader Coach is directed by "Wrong" Lifetime regular David DeCoteau. It features a cameo by Tara Reid that has her reading off cue cards along with some of the worst Lifetime acting ever put on celluloid. Helmer DeCoteau also has a motif fixation with eyeglasses as every character is either wearing them or constantly fumbling with them. All I gotta say is contact lenses anyone?

LensCrafters begot, The Wrong Cheerleader Coach is obviously camp and the shooting locations like most Lifetime pics, are typically committed to 3-4 (a high school, a parent's home, a hospital, and a work site). The girls playing the cheerleader personas obviously have never done the craft considering that their routines are pseudo and lazy. Finally, why does every Lifetime vehicle involve a family who lost a loved one that died just recently? Find another angle guys. The Wrong Cheerleader Coach might be amusingly watchable but it will never be recommendable. Not even if I "coached" it up. 

Written by Jesse Burleson

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