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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Lethal Love Triangle 2021 * * * Stars


"Someone is out there and someone just killed my best friend". Wow that stinks. Unfortunately in the world of Lifetime these are regular occurrences, like breathing.  

Anyway in Lethal Love Triangle, the "triangle" is two female students and a self-assured, would-be male killer. Cole (played by Lifetime-r Jacob Taylor) is the research subject that just got released from prison for a crime he says he didn't commit. The dude is so mellow and dulcet, his resting heart rate is probably not even above thirty.  

So yeah, "Lethal" is a Lifetime thriller-slash-drama that might be the first to ever venture into neo-noir territory. Most of its scenes occur via nighttime with soft gleaming and a little danger always lurking around the corner. 

Director Daniel West (a first-timer but not in the writing department) creates a slow burn whodunit with a couple of red herrings, some intricacies, and some rack focusing. His Lethal Love Triangle doesn't always ratchet up the tension but alas, it's full of inky and unease-d atmospherics.

Taking place in I guess Massachusetts and garnering funding from Dawn's Light (when the movie is anything but), "Lethal" moves slowly and languidly until a doozy of a twist occurs at the end (the twist is sound and of the 180 kind).

Lethal Love Triangle, well it reminded me of two studio flicks. From a psychological standpoint, you got remnants of 2000's Gossip. On the serial killer front, "Lethal" gave off a sort of vibe a la Jon Avnet's 88 Minutes (a movie Al Pacino might have been coerced into doing).

With a bevy of Lifetime network pics, there's sometimes a lot of sleaze and camp involved. Lethal Love Triangle eases up on the two and comes off as a tad more cultured. You might not "love" it but you won't hate it either. 

Written by Jesse Burleson

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