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Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Senior Moment 2021 * 1/2 Stars


A senior moment is defined as a temporary mental lapse. 2021's Senior Moment is mentally incapacitated. Released four years after it was made (ouch), the film's rub involves a 90-year-old, former NASA test pilot who loses his drivers license from drag racing (I'm not kidding). He tries to get said license back and ends up pursuing a pleasant woman who runs a bakery. William Shatner stars and he "boldly goes where no man has gone before", bad movie frontier. 

So yeah, Senior Moment is a rom-com with implausible romance, a slipshod plot, and almost cringe-y comedy. It's also on autopilot (no pun intended). Shatner plays Victor Martin and the only reason why I know his character is NASA-related is because I got that off the film's wiki page (oops).

Shatner seems to be caught up in modern day Clint Eastwood territory here. I mean we get it. The dude is old and crusty and well, either get him a walker or help him retire from the movie biz. The Priceline commercials are a much better gig for good old Captain Kirk. 

Senior Moment is helmed by Belgium-born Giorgio Serafini. His direction is sloppy and altering as he establishes Victor's account only to have Vic wander aimlessly through the pic like an old hound who runs out of breath. Serafini's setting is of course Palm Springs, CA (why wouldn't it be?). Yeah the Springs looks good but Giorgio's got a real hard-on for the city and its mores. Senior Moment begs the question of do we really need another version of 2017's Just Getting Started? I didn't think so. 

Familiar faces show up in Senior Moment. We're talking estranged actors Christopher Lloyd, Jean Smart, Esai Morales, and Martin Sheen's brother ("Hollywood" Joe Estevez). And I guess in Palm Springs only two cop personas exist (who knew). Everyone looks like they're having a good time and you know they're collecting a paycheck. I as the viewer didn't share the same sentiment. I came into this flick wanting to be entertained and not subjected to the Showgirls of the AARP. Crash "moment". 

Written by Jesse Burleson

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