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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Stolen by Their Father 2022 * * * 1/2 Stars


"I think we need to do what we can". Oh fo sho. That means getting a woman's daughters back from her despicable ex who's a wife beater and a jerk face manipulator. That also means traveling thousands of miles on a 14-hour flight (multiple times).

Anyway 2022's Stolen by Their Father is my latest review. It's based on a true account or should I say, a righted memoir. "Stolen" is also cut from the cloth of Lifetime. 

Stolen by Their Father isn't Lifetime schlock or camp, it's rather about as old school as the long-running network can get. I mean even "Stolen's" grainy look harks back to the times of yesteryear, when Lifetime's 90s, glory days would abide. 

"Stolen's" globetrotting story takes the female protagonist from Anchorage, Alaska to Greece. Greece is where her two girls were kidnapped to. 

Stolen by Their Father is frustrating, enthralling, despairing, and high-flown without being flashy. Watching it, you sense a Midnight Express situation going on except that there's child carrying off as opposed to prison time for selling hash.  

"Stolen's" cast is solid especially the performance of one Sarah Drew (she plays the discomposed mother in Lizbeth Meredith). Without mugging to the camera and/or predominantly overacting, Drew dives into her role with a straight-faced discipline. I mean you can feel her nerve endings with every echt utterance. 

Drew's character also has a past of her own as she was abducted by her birth mother (from her father) at a young age. Stolen by Their Father uses those flashbacks, crisp editing, and a beginning flash-forward to lucid effect. 

With the absence of stuff like modish knock offs, double-crossing, and trash-lit mayhem, "Stolen" is still one of the most effective Lifetime flicks ever made. It rather "gives back" to the viewer in a truly prevalent way.

Written by Jesse Burleson 

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