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Friday, March 24, 2023

In the Spider's Web 2007 * * Stars


A bunch of backpackers and a tour guide, go hiking in India only to run into a weirdo quack and his tribe who have a love for all things fanged and venom-ed. That's the layout gist of 2007's In the Spider's Web.

So yeah, I have a fear of spiders. So why did I decide to watch a flick about them? Well to enhance that fear cause that's what I do. In "Web", there are arachnids that are the real thing and ones that are CGI. They are the best thing going for this otherwise scatterbrained, convolution of a movie.

Anyway, In the Spider's Web takes the spider genre and mixes it with a little Indiana Jones, the occult, and something Eli Roth would have made with a lower budget. The characters scream like all get-out, they rib each other instead of actually acting in peril, and the great Lance Henriksen (who is underused) is creepy cool as surgeon and eight-legged fancy man, Dr. Lecorpus. "In a web of evil, they never saw it coming". Uh, yeah.

Now could "Web" have been better as fodder for horror thrillers that tap into your deepest phobias? You betcha. The film is choppily edited and storyboard-ed without all the proper nuts and bolts provided. I mean scenes go on for too long, you never know how the personas got from point A to point B, and the spiders themselves are sort of wishy-washy with their biting intentions. And does In the Spider's Web give you a clear idea of what it's about from an aim standpoint? Not really. You think it has to do with creepy-crawlies and supernatural mumbo jumbo but in the end it actually borrows from 1978's Coma, you know the pic in which human organs are sold on the black-market to the highest bidder? Wha?? "Web" flat-footed.

Written by Jesse Burleson

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