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Sunday, July 9, 2023

Rock Hudson: All That Heaven Allowed 2023 * * * 1/2 Stars


Rock Hudson: All That Heaven Allowed is a devastating documentary about a guy who perished in the middle of a time that most people relished to live in (shout-out to the "Greed Decade"). I mean just when you thought you could forget about the actor that is Rock, well here is his dead soma dug up and brought back to heightened life by director Stephen Kijak.

Hudson was quote unquote, "the Tom Cruise of his day", with movie star looks, a 6' 5" frame, a way with the ladies, and a solid screen presence. Howbeit, there were hints about his sexuality throughout his steady career until the truth finally came to fruition. Rock Hudson died of AIDS via 1985, becoming one of the first celebrities to bring awareness to this awful disease. Helmer Kijak lays bare his orientation through interviews for much of the pic's running time. Maybe it's overkill, maybe it's not. Whatev. I mean how else was "Heaven's" demised conclusion gonna fully play out.

Rock Hudson: All That Heaven Allowed feels like Rock's slow-burning, wiki page entry until it doesn't. Containing archive footage over 50 years or so while omitting the faces of those probed, "Heaven" drags a little until it finds its footing while unfolding like a skulking sledgehammer. Yup, I was eventually knocked over.

The musical score by Laura Karpmen is tops, the editing by Claire Didier reveals a darker palate from the get-go, and lines delivered by Rock Hudson in his flicks effectively intertwine with "Heaven's" chronological storytelling. HBO films, well it doesn't pander to the normal, clean style here which seems to be a regular accompaniment. Refrain cinematic looker-on-s. This is a docu that decides to conjure up sad memories of a Tinseltown legend that acted along stars Doris Day, James Dean, and Kirk Douglas. I'll "allow" it.

Written by Jesse Burleson

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