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Saturday, January 6, 2024

Bitconned 2024 * * * Stars


2024's Bitconned is a fascinating documentary about three dudes who scammed the American public through cryptocurrency. How'd they do it? Well they did it through a fake company called Centra Tech. I mean I didn't know much about the concept of digital tokens but director Bryan Storkel gave me the tech-y lowdown. Obviously there are no judgments here.

Robert Farkas, Sohrab Sharma, and Ray Trapani are the real-life con men who after getting caught, seem to hate each other. I'm not surprised. Giving up your co-workers by ratting them out to lighten your sentence, can tick off certain people running a pseudo business. At 93 minutes, Bitconned appears like a vanity project for these boys to sort of heighten their criminal fame (especially in regards to one Ray Trapani). Whatever. I have this weird habit of nervously rooting for the bad guy like in the good old days (hint, hint). What's wrong with me?

So yeah, if flicks like Boiler Room, The Wolf of Wall Street, and The Social Network were made into docus, they'd probably equal the plot line of the cocksure Bitconned. You know, a bunch of twentysomethings start up a commerce that's either legal or illegal. The goal? To make money don't you know, lots of it by living off the buying and selling of others or just sitting on their behinds in front of the almighty laptop. Prosecution, lawsuits, and greediness oh my! "Nowadays, you have to figure out some sort of way to finesse the system". Uh-huh. 

Jordan Belfort antics and Mark Zuckerberg innovations aside, Bitconned is sleekly made and modern-day infused, showing interviews from its subjects that almost feel scripted, like what's on screen is actual fiction as opposed to actual transmission. Hey I'm not complaining, I was entertained. Sometimes you have to be malefactors in denial to get the rights to your own movie. Champing at this "bit". 

Written by Jesse Burleson

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