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Monday, January 22, 2024

Sixty Minutes 2024 * * * Stars


"I can't right now, I've got a fight". Yeah you do, with the opposing fighter and every other ruffian looking to come to blows. Somebody give this dude a time out. Stat!

Anyway, Sixty Minutes is an action movie in every sense of the word. I mean every character in it knows how to brawl, as if Chuck Norris arrived on set as some AARP advisor. "Minutes" is also a race-against-time flick, as shown in its simplistic title. You put the two genres together and you've got some rock 'em, sock 'em thriller that doesn't always concur with the timelines, but never leaves you unoccupied or veritably out in the wind. 

So yeah, Sixty Minutes was shot and takes place in Berlin, Germany yet no one speaks a lick of German or has any type of German accent. Incongruous but um, I'll let it slide. I mean few films have the urgency and/or bone-crushing voyeurism of "Minutes", a non-stop rinse, repeat of loud fistfights then payoff, then loud fistfights then payoff. Yeesh! Just imagine if directors Benny Safdie and Josh Safdie teamed up with martial arts guru Scott Adkins. In other words, what if 2017's Good Time and 2018's Accident Man had a cinematic tyke. That's what you'd get with Sixty Minutes. "This is bigger than you think". Indeed. 

Edited lightning-quick, with a fierce techno soundtrack and personas with nasty dispositions, Sixty Minutes is about an MMA fighter (Emilio Sakraya as Octavio Bergmann) who throws a fight in order to be with his daughter on her birthday. Here's the rub: he's got 1 hour to get to said daughter or he'll lose sole custody of her (ouch, pun intended). Meanwhile mobsters who bet on his rumpus, are out to get him at every turn. It's like James Bond gadget-free but without the notion of death involved.

Bottom line: Sixty Minutes is one of those films where the main persona is put in a nonviable situation with little hope in sight. Howbeit, every little plot element of incessant furor seems to work out in the end, for better or worse. "Minute made". 

Written by Jesse Burleson

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