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Thursday, January 14, 2021

The Wrong Fiance 2021 * * Stars


The phrase "I'm calling the police" gets said a lot in The Wrong Fiance. And at the end of "Fiance", Vivica A. Fox gets to spout her infamous "wrong" Lifetime line as well. 

Anyway, The Wrong Fiance sans buildup, starts in the middle, and features an antagonist that is crazy man psycho right off the bat. Said antagonist even has another girl pal on the side whom he treats like dirt. This dude is masculine, robotic, haughty, and alpha in the worst way.

"Finance" also has its share of Lifetime cliches (that's the film's distributor). You got the stalker Lifetime scenes where the bad guy hides somewhere while sporting a dark-hooded sweatshirt. You got the best friend/co-worker who acts as a life coach or an overbearing girly buddy. Finally, you got the obligatory, villainous kills where the victims confront the baddie knowing that in mere seconds, they're gonna get whacked. 

Featuring a scene where the damsel flees the killer by going in another room instead of leaving her home and having a cop character who looks like the poor man's Chad Everett (it's the mustache I tell you), "Fiance" is about a woman named Abby (played by Lifetime regular Jessica Morris). Abby is sent out of town on a job assignment so that she can get away from her cuckoo ex-fiance Richard (played by another Lifetime reg in the form of Jason-Shane Scott). Little does Abby realize that Richard knows where she's at and plans on voyeuristic-ally toying with her for the next 60 minutes of running time (remember that hit song by Sting's band circa 1983?).

All in all, "Fiance's" director (David DeCoteau) sure likes to plan things out when it comes to these deja vu Lifetime flicks. He regurgitates the same outcomes, ploys, and themes from the past two years (we're talking over a dozen Lifetime-rs in that period of time). Not going out of his cinematic comfort zone while not trying anything new, Dave's in the "wrong" here and doesn't seem to wanna be "right".

Written by Jesse Burleson  

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