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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

The Wrong Mr. Right 2021 * * 1/2 Stars


"Looks like you picked the wrong Mr. Right". You go Vivica! Vivica A. Fox gets to say her umpteenth "Wrong" Lifetime line in 2021's The Wrong Mr. Right. David DeCoteau is of course, the director and he churns out "Wrong" Lifetime flicks faster than Joey Chestnut at an eating contest. 

The Wrong Mr. Right was released in January of this year and features Eric Roberts in a cameo as a snide private investigator. DeCoteau uses Roberts and other Lifetime regulars in a film that has less plot holes while unfolding a little better than most "Wrong" vehicles. He starts "Mr. Right" from the middle as there's no courtship between the main characters or initial development with said characters. Just think a feasible yet less effective version of last year's The Wrong Stepfather (or The Stepfather from 2009).  

Watching "Mr. Right", you know that certain people are eventually going to get whacked by the antagonist (the question is who). You also know that those people will never get justice for being killed because the po-po don't seem to wanna investigate their disappearance.

Starring the beautiful Krista Allen, the miscast Anna Marie Dobbins (she seems a little old to be a college student), and the miscast Rib Hillis (he doesn't seem menacing enough to be the villain), The Wrong Mr. Right is just what it says it is. It's about a woman named Tracy (Allen) who has a new boyfriend named Paul (Hillis). Paul is shady and Tracy doesn't know it yet. It's up to Tracy's daughter Jessica (Dobbins) to inform her that Paul is a scammer or possibly something worse (like a murderer, duh).  

Here's the thing: I hate it when the bad guys don't get caught at the end of these "Wrong" Lifetime pics. I also hate it when they dispatch people on the side and are never arrested or brought in for questioning. Give me a better diegesis and I'll give you a rating that's not again mixed. "Righty-right".  

Written by Jesse Burleson

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