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Saturday, May 1, 2021

Cosmic Sin 2021 * 1/2 Stars


"It takes a monster to kill a monster". Guess what. It takes a miracle to believe that 2021's Cosmic Sin would be viable, sci-fi fare. By the way, Neil Blomkamp called and says he wants his lauded integrity back.

So yeah, "Sin" was released in March of this year (its title in India is actually Worthless Rip-Off). It's a direct-to-video flick that also poses as something you'd see on well, the Syfy channel. Cosmic Sin tries to be part Blade Runner, part Ghosts of Mars, part Elysium, and part Aliens. Sadly with its characters bickering back and forth like the Bickersons, "Sin" feels more like 2000's veritable bomb, Supernova.

Cosmic Sin is poorly lit in a soft bulb sort of way. It also has action scenes that are choppily edited, actresses you feel sorry for (I'm talking about you Perrey Reeves), and a script that contains enough sci-fi mumbo jumbo to denounce any normal ritual. Bruce Willis stars in "Sin" and you know what that means. Aside from unloading a rifle, projecting his last shred of screen presence, and looking like Iron Man without full headgear, Brucie appears like he's in a coma with no chance of reverse stupor.

Taking place in the year 2524 (that's random) and directed by Australian Edward Drake, Cosmic Sin is basically about Gen. James Ford (Bruce Willis) trying to stop a fleet of aliens that I guess look like humans. Willis doesn't do or say much but hey, he's Bruce "I used to be a beast" Willis. He probably got paid by the line (or any catatonic facial expression).

Bottom line: Any way you cut it, I probably should've avoided watching Cosmic Sin. Its intentions are good considering but come on, it's more like "cosmic" debris (no pun intended for the late Frank Zappa). Forgive me for I have "sinned".

Written by Jesse Burleson

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