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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

My Husband's Killer Girlfriend 2021 * * * Stars


"Your daughter is in great hands". Oh boy oh boy, cray cray femme alert. It's been thirty years and over 1000 pics. Lifetime wouldn't have it any other way. 

So yeah, 2021's My Husband's Killer Girlfriend is my latest write-up. It's about a nanny who frames a woman for leaving her small daughter unattended. And yup, the pseudo nanny just happens to be the lady friend of the woman's ex-hubby. Basically it takes about twenty minutes (and a misplaced edit) before you realize that My Husband's Killer Girlfriend means just what it means. 

"Killer Girlfriend" sans modern times, goes back to basics for all those Lifetime network addicts (like myself). A plot hole here, a campy moment there, some conniving, some frustration, and some all out antagonism. Finally the malefactor character doesn't get away and finally there's a little justice for the victim (or I guess victims). My Husband's Killer Girlfriend is what you call old school hard knocks in the Lifetime network canon. Hey, after watching plenty of Lifetime flicks a la hack man David DeCoteau, you got no complaints here. 

"Killer Girlfriend's" lead is played by Canadian-born Cindy Busby. The other actors are ready and game but you know she's the gamiest. Busby's Leah goes all Richard Kimble trying to accumulate evidence so the po-po can capture psycho nanny Valerie (a well cast Chelsey Reist). Heck, even Leah goes a little nutso herself. She's a mama bear with a chip and a gun and has to do whatever it takes to protect her cub.

All in all, My Husband's Killer Girlfriend is a little far-fetched and well, off-center. No matter. It's also more intricate with more complexity and savagery than most 90-minute Lifetime-rs. Watch for the ultimate, double-female slap scene at a swank restaurant. Oh Lifetime, you almost never disappoint. 

Written by Jesse Burleson

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