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Friday, January 21, 2022

The Wrong Blind Date 2022 * * 1/2 Stars


"Looks like you picked the wrong blind date". Ah, there's goes Vivica A. Fox again. She's Lifetime's side character muse and last scene heroine. She can't wait to say LMN's all-time favorite Mad Lib. Insert title of movie in blank. 

So yeah, The Wrong Blind Date is my second Lifetime review of this year. "Wrong" Lifetime flicks, well they seem more assembly-lined than the automobiles at General Motors. Usually it's the man that turns out to be the creep (and he's a creep within 10 minutes of running time). He may be a handsome dude but whatever. He's more crooked and side-swiped than Lombard Street.  

"Blind Date" stars Meredith Thomas as the de facto damsel in distress. You wanna like her in the lead but I don't know, she's a little spasmatic and altogether irksome. Equally irksome are her friends who try to begrudgingly coax her into the dating pool. Internet dating for a mature babe like Thomas? Well I guess that's a plot device that had to exist. Otherwise The Wrong Blind Date wouldn't exist. 

Anyway, The Wrong Blind Date is a small improvement from schlock-meister and "Wrong" Lifetime-r director David DeCoteau (it was hard for me to admit that). Davy turns the psychological screws a little bit better this time. Yeah his pics lack emotion and don't really have that damnable conflict or struggle. Still, DeCoteau moves the story along nicely and that's despite no man/woman courting process, personas that have labels on them (the bad guy, the astute daughter, the smothering girl pal), and obligatory Lifetime aerial shots (hello LA). 

The Wrong Blind Date kinda evaporates right after you see it. But at least you're not "blind" to what it's trying to accomplish. Guy meets girl. Guy hacks into girl's life with girl being oblivious to what's going on. Girl's daughter plays detective and has to do some digging into guy's past. Daughter's boyfriend is in the wrong place at the wrong time and should've never been involved. Vivica comes in to save the day with a hammer and sass (Go Fox! Go!). Oh Lifetime, you slay me! You really do. 

Written by Jesse Burleson

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