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Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Run & Gun 2022 * * Stars


Richard Kind co-stars in 2022's Run & Gun. It's weird seeing him play a baddie but he's decent at it. Too bad "Gun's" script doesn't do him a whole lot of justice. The dialogue between Kind and the other actors is rather banal, cutely unimaginative, and somehow written by a teenager who had one too many energy drinks. "Sorry what was that in the background?" Noise. Annoying movie noise and not much else. 

So OK, what is Run & Gun about? I guess it's a crime thriller or a pseudo Western or some black comedy with sun-drenched hues. There's a cool blue corvette featured, a lot of standoffs and bloody shootings, and a setting that looked like Arizona (I was there three months ago so maybe). 

What "Gun" doesn't have is a cinematic identity. It doesn't know what it wants to be or even cares for that matter (at least the poster looks cool). Director Christopher Borrelli fashions Run & Gun as a Joe Carnahan knock-around without the concluding, gotcha frames. Minus those gotcha moments, I didn't come into this flick wanting to see another Copshop.

Yeah yeah Kind is a good trouper. He's known. Everyone else in "Gun" is unknown. I mean Run & Gun is like a B-movie with a c-minus list cast. The lead is Ben Milliken and he plays Ray. Ray is a criminal looking to go straight until some hitmen get a hold of him and want him to do one last job. 

Milliken is not much of an actor (he's more of an over-actor). Ben's Ray gets beaten around, shot at, and dragged by a car multiple times. You scratch your head as to how he could ever survive the video game carnage here. I mean who does he think he is, Harrison Ford? Milliken is more like the poor man's version of Richard Chamberlain (except for maybe one or two pics, Chamberlain might be the poor man himself). Ben and the movie around him are trivial and monotonous unless you wanna see stuff blow up with little linkage. There's not a lot of "fun" in this gun.  

Written by Jesse Burleson

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