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Thursday, March 24, 2022

Uncharted 2022 * * * Stars


Ruben Fleischer directs 2022's Uncharted. He's a dude whose movies fly along at a lightning clip. Uncharted like many adventure flicks since the inception of adventure flicks, whisks you from one set piece to the next. It's arduous stuff so be careful as to how fast you chew your popcorn. 

Inspired by a video game, Uncharted amused me and lightened my cinematic load. I mean it begs the question of how many times characters act tongue-in-cheek in the midst of possibly getting killed (there's tons of quips and cracks from the leads). Thankfully the film is PG-13 so not much of said killing actually happens (unless you're Antonio Banderas, ugh). 

Uncharted stars Tom Holland, Banderas, and Mark Wahlberg. Coming out about two months after Spider-Man: No Way Home, Uncharted is obviously a ploy to capitalize on the inauguration of Holland as a movie star (and that's what he is, a star). As for Wahlberg, well he plays a fortune hunter named Victor Sullivan. Wahlberg just loves to channel the buddy buddy role. He may be miscast but this casting for him is just pleasing enough. 

So yeah, if you haven't yet seen a James Bond flick or The Goonies or Indiana Jones stuff or National Treasure, then Uncharted will provide a fix palatable to those hallmarked escapades. If you have seen the pics just mentioned, then Uncharted will feel a little more underwhelming but still a lot of fun (and we all know Holland coming off like a professional tag participant, is the quintessential king of fun). 

Uncharted is about a treasure pursuer (Victor Sullivan) who recruits Nathan Drake (Holland) in hopes of recovering a stash of gold left by the late Ferdinand Magellan (if you're in the lurch, he's the guy that sailed around the world). 

Fleischer shoots Uncharted panoramically (and three-dimensionally), with well-choreographed action sequences that are virtually bloodless and saucy locales like Spain and the Philippines. The look of Uncharted is elaborate and bright, like a postcard sent from the boroughs of Disneyland. I'm sure there's an Uncharted sequel in the works but sequels seem like dated concepts unless it's Marvel. Sigh. 

Written by Jesse Burleson

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