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Thursday, August 11, 2022

The Art of Passion 2022 * * Stars


"Whatever you feel inside, let it come to life". Sounds like something van Gogh would say. Or wouldn't say.

Anyway 2022's The Art of Passion is pretty cut-and-dried. I'm serious. As something from the Lifetime TV network, I was surprised. There's no real mystery or intrigue (when there should have been). There's no big reveal or twist (when I thought there would be). "Passion" is one big red herring but what's the point? Said red herring never leads to squat.

Well at least The Art of Passion gets its title right. The film is in fact about art (there's an accomplished painter character involved) and passion (said painter and an ER doctor do the horizontal hokey pokey). The love scenes in "Passion" that are accompanied by out of place, techno drivel, are almost filler. I mean it's like the screenwriters ran out of stuff to pen and decided to just insert the softest of core porn. Heck, call the whole thing "fifty shades of meh".

The Art of Passion is about a doctor (Hope Williams played by Dakota Johnson lookalike Katie Reese) who gets terrorized by an abusive husband whose wife Hope is trying to protect. Meanwhile Hope is trying to get her groove back by getting busy with hunk James Sosa (played by Italian actor Victor Alfieri). The whole crux of "Passion" involves Hope running from said hubby (while losing her phone in the process) and doing the nasty with painter boy. It's all rinse, rinse, repeat stuff and then it ends without babble.

"Passion" has sterile production values, workaday editing, and the token, best friend persona who's always giving advice and can't stay out of everyone's beeswax. It's not an awful flick but did it have to be so anti-knife-edge and shamefully blase? It did. Lifetime seems to have gone on holiday here. Not enough "amour fou".

Written by Jesse Burleson

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