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Friday, February 24, 2023

Meteor: First Impact 2022 * 1/2 Stars


A scientist who gets fired from his job, must try to save the planet from a slew of meteor attacks. That's the blueprint for Meteor: First Impact, a bad flick only made worse when it descends from the latter into hostage banality. Thom Hallum plays boffin William Zito. He's kinda like the poor man's Gerard Butler (ouch).

Watching "First Impact", you realize that it's low-budgeted and paltry in ways that you don't think are possible. Call it a disaster flick if you want but the special effects here are almost pointless, especially when there's no extras to run from the ruination. The scenes of destruction and mayhem are just pseudo CGI, splashed onto the screen however separated from the actual footage.

So yeah, Meteor: First Impact is a so-called thriller that doesn't hide its self-evidence. Look there's a meteorite hurling for Nevada yet appearing like a marshmallow burning over an open campfire. Ugh. Added to that, the actors featured (Hallum, Roscoe Nash, Kristin Keith) bicker back and forth and seem compelled to yell incessantly when no one else is in the room. I mean it's like Tourette's gone wild.

Lots of tiffing aside, "First Impact" is kind of about the end of the world but it features roughly only 8 characters. Wha?? Really? Where's the National Guard here? What's the president up to? Where are the helpless sufferers? And how come there's very little media coverage? Heck, it just feels like there's only a handful of denizens inhabiting the earth in Meteor: First Impact. Odd and well, ill-considered.

In the end I blame "First Impact's" director (Brett Bentman) because he's well, the director and makes all these decisions. Other bad ones include the way he poorly transitions to flashbacks, the way he shuffles around his fading cast members, and the way he shoddily shoots action set-ups. "Adverse impact".

Written by Jesse Burleson

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