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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

You People 2023 * 1/2 Stars


A Caucasian guy and an African American woman (I decided to choose my words carefully) get together with little courtship. They then decide to get married and in the process, have to deal with their parents who plainly have been living under a rock when it comes to culture clashing. That's the gist of You People, an unfunny comedy that probably should have never been made. Well unless you want to see Eddie Murphy in something (considering he rarely shows up in movies these days).  

You People is purely dated and Netflix needs to be careful of another downhill slide. I mean did we really need another film about the same race relations (black and white)? Uh no. People are people, skin color is irrelevant, open-mindedness is a mainstay, and You People obviously didn't get that memo. Note to "People's" filmmakers and producers: this isn't the early 2000s, you can't carry a two-hour flick on a stunt, and there's no need to remake Guess Who. It happened already so let's move on. 

You People stars a weathered Jonah Hill and Eddie Murphy (mentioned earlier). They play future son-in-law Ezra Cohen and future father-in-law Akbar Mohammed. "People" basically involves them being in conflict along with other members of each other's families. Every scene feels awkward, improvised, flopped, and nauseating. Hill basically plays himself here (which has been getting old real fast) and Murphy underplays again robbing himself of his gifted comedic talents via those 80s blockbusters. 

"People's" director (Kenya Barris) channels his inner Judd Apataw and sadly he decides to channel really bad Apataw. The cliched script is thrown out the window, the actors ramble along infernally, everyone reeks of obviousness, and the pic concludes in a nice neat bow, devoid of anything an astute viewer could gravitate to. How dare "you". 

Written by Jesse Burleson

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